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Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH
Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH
Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH
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  • Company Type:  MPR
  • Country:  Germany
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  • Mobile:  +49 (0) 211 158216 10
  • Tel:  +49 (0) 211 158216 10
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           As a solution provider for biocatalysis, Enzymaster focuses on the development and commercialization of enzymatic and microbial catalysis technology. With our extensive experience in enzyme directed evolution, strain engineering, fermentation process development, and commercial s...


    Item:1      CAS:24347-58-8      Formula:


    Item:2      CAS:42075-32-1      Formula:


    Item:3      CAS:17299-07-9      Formula:


    Item:4      CAS:19132-06-0      Formula:


    Item:5      CAS:72345-23-4      Formula:


    Item:6      CAS:34338-96-0      Formula:


    Item:7      CAS:77291-90-8      Formula:


    Item:8      CAS:374791-05-6      Formula:


    Item:9      CAS:129619-37-0      Formula: