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Changsha Comext Biotech Co.,Ltd
Changsha Comext Biotech Co.,Ltd
Changsha Comext Biotech Co.,Ltd
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  • Country:  China
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    About Us
           Changsha Comext Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with the main business of natural extracts. As a global supplier of a wide range of natural extracts, we prioritize safety, traceability, effectiveness and innovation in the production of plant extracts. Our products ...

    olive leaf extract

    Item:1      CAS:32619-42-4      Formula:C25H32O13

    rosemary extract

    Item:2      CAS:84604-14-8      Formula:C7H6BrNO3

    mulberry leaf extract

    Item:3      CAS:94167-05-2      Formula:

    tongkat ali extract

    Item:4      CAS:84633-29-4      Formula:C20H24O9

    milk thistle extract

    Item:5      CAS:84604-20-6      Formula:C25H22O10

    huperzine A

    Item:6      CAS:102518-79-6      Formula:C15H18N2O

    mangosteen extract

    Item:7      CAS:90045-25-3      Formula:

    hibiscus extract

    Item:8      CAS: 84775-96-2      Formula:

    maca extract

    Item:9      CAS:847361-88-0      Formula:C25H39NO2