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Yancheng Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd
Yancheng Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd
Yancheng Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd
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    About Us
            Yancheng Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company based on the former Yancheng Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., with more than 20 years of production history; now, we are a manufacturer of tetrabromophthalic anhydride, Methanesulfonic anhydride, disodium tetrabromophthalate, ...

    Tetrabromophthalic anhydride

    Item:76      CAS:      Formula:C8Br4O3

    Tetrabromophthalic anhydride diol

    Item:77      CAS:      Formula:C15H16Br4O7

    Disodium tetrabromophthalic anhydride

    Item:78      CAS:      Formula:C8Br4Na2O4

    Tetrabromobisphenol s

    Item:79      CAS:      Formula:C12H6Br4O4S

    Pentanoic acid

    Item:80      CAS: 75-98-9      Formula:C5H10O2


    Item:81      CAS:104-88-1      Formula:C7H5ClO